Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Teacher Field Trip on Thursday

Today, I went to visit two other schools in our district, JCCS. Mr. Allison, Kate, Emily, and Mr. Conwell and I drove up the mountain to Campo, where I grew-up. We toured Rancho Del Campo and Barret High School. Even though the schools are similar to ours because they are residential and the students attend six period of school daily, they are much different because the students are all boys who are in the court system (in juvie). Insted of residential, these kids have probation. Believe me, probation did not look as friendly and fun as our residential staff!

One thing that their schools did which I wish we could copy at San Pasqual is an honor roll program. Instead of just creating an honor roll based on GPA, the teachers nominate kids for honor roll based on their classroom behavior and academic effort. The list of honor roll students is posted in every classroom and the office. When students earn honor roll for a few consecutive weeks, they earn rewards of certificates, special shirts, and days removed from their sentence. The best part of the program is that is supported by both probation and the school. I wonder if you, my kids or random adults who read this blog, think that a similar program would work at SPA. What incentives would cause students to strive to be on the honor roll?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Irony & Ambiguity Project

I just made the coolest project to help my students find examples of irony and ambiguity. I love making assignments that I want to do myself. :) I am totally excited for them to begin using Glogster!

If you want a sneak preview, here's awesome the assignment that I just created from scratch. Yes, I sit around late at night listening to Little Big Town on Pandora and creating assignments.

I once heard that it is necessary to be a nerd in order to be a good teacher. Well, I am on my way tonight. Bwa-ha-ha!

"The Sniper" Video