Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dragons Den: ABC's About Me

Attended a women's college, Mount St. Mary's College
Born in San Diego in 1980
Carries my iPad almost everywhere I go
Drives forty minutes to and from work every day because I live in Santee
Earned a Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning with Technology this year
Figures out how to do things on my own instead of reading directions
Gets migraine headaches from chocolate and a few other foods
Has three siblings: Nathan, Noland, and Nycole
Indulges in queso dip when dining out
Joins students for lunch when possible
Keeps old notes, emails, and letters from loved ones
Loves teaching at San Pasqual Academy
Meets friends after work to socialize
Notices more things about my students than they realize
Owns three brown dogs, a black cat, and a gray hamster
Played volleyball, basketball, and softball in high school
Quit using paper in my classroom last August
Rarely arrives on time, but I'm working on it 
Sells vintage items on eBay and Etsy 
Taught at my alma mater, Mountain Empire Jr/Sr High
Used to work at Girl Scout Summer Camps, Whispering Oaks and Winacka
Volunteers to do more than I have time to complete
Wears clothes and accessories that are older than I am whenever possible
X-ercises by walking and jogging with my dogs
Yells with excitement at Chargers and Dragons games
Zooms in on a few people instead of having a ton of superficial friends 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Eerrt! U-Turn!

I changed my mind. This blog is no longer inteneded to share my edtech learning. I tried that. I avoided my blog. It was not me. From now on, my posts will be written to my hard-working freshmen and sophomore students. Feel free to unsubscribe or keep reading.