Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break Blues

Every morning, I wake up excited to share one of the new Web2.0 tools I learned at CUE with my students!  I make a smoothie, pour myself a cup of coffee, and sit down with my laptop. I search through the hundreds of links I have gathered in my Delicious account, until I find just the right one.  Then, I make a sample to post to my blog and add it to the Google form assignment.  I even tweet when it is finished.  However, only four of my students have taken advantage of this fun extra credit.  Kudos to Jennifer, Candy, Jose, & Shaurice!

I wonder...
Are the SPA computers out of order again?
Are my kids having too much fun?
Are my kids procrastinating?
Are the tasks too hard?
Do my kids hate computers?
Did my kids just forget?

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Jay said...

Why is my name highlighted?