Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Earthquake

Yesterday afternoon, my family came over to my house to celebrate Easter.  At around 3:45pm, my parents were getting ready to leave when I heard a low rumbling.  For a second, I thought the neighbor kids were banging on the wall.  Then, I realized it was an earthquake as I noticed the house beginning to slowly rock and sway.  I grabbed my dogs by their collars and headed out the back door.  I meet a friend and my parents outside.  We all stood in the street until it stopped.  As my parents were walking outside, I noticed that my neighbor had still not come out.  She was stuck inside of her gate and jiggling the handle.  I joking yelled, "Lisa, get out here, or you'll be a goner!"  Then, she flung the gate open.  I saw that she was shaking and completely terrified.  My mom ran over and gave her a hug.  When we went back into the house, I tried to turn on the news, but I didn't see anything.  I opened my laptop and tried to open a San Diego news site, but it wouldn't load.  Instead, I opened Facebook and instantly saw earthquake-related posts from my friends all over Southern California.  A few minutes later, I was able to view a map of the earthquake, located near Mexicali, Mexico.  Throughout the evening, I felt many aftershocks.  I became a little obsessed with checking the Mappity Quakes app on my iPhone, which shows recent earthquakes. Before I went to bed, I opened my medicine cabinet, and all of my little containers fell out--I guess they had shifted in the shake.  Otherwise, there was not any damage at my house.  However, I am worried about the people in Mexicali and Calexico who experienced a lot of damage.  

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