Thursday, October 14, 2010

Google Docs Templates

I use Google Docs templates to distribute customizable copies of documents to my students and share with coworkers.  I discovered this feature while trying to figure out how to create online vocabulary cards to correspond with a year-round, district-wide vocabulary program.  Now, all of my freshmen keep their vocabulary cards on their blogs instead of clinging to a metal ring in their backpacks.  My JCCS Academic Vocabulary Card template is available at:  

How to Use a Google Docs Presentation Template with Students

Teacher builds blank template Google Docs.
·         Add a place for the student to insert his/her name.
·         Add instructions of how to duplicate additional blank slides.
Teacher publishes template to Google Docs Template Gallery.
·         Place template in Students and Teachers category.
·         Write a purpose and/or instructions in the description.
·         Use identifying words in the title and description.
Teacher shares link to template with students.
·         Post a link on the classroom blog or wiki.
·         Use a URL shortener, such as
Student downloads and customizes the template.
·         Remind students to rename the document with an appropriate title.
Student adds content during lessons.
·         Teach students to add images, use spell check, and adjust font sizes.
Student publishes personalized presentation with embed code.
·         If the presentation will be added to over time, place it in stagnant location on his/her blog or website.

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