Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Help Me Design a Techy Classroom

Today, I selected my new classroom in a newly remodeled building.  Now, I am excited to design the room and order furniture.  However, I am struggling to find design ideas for a classroom that uses laptops instead of PCs.  I am considering using rolling chairs to move between wall-mounted desks for individual work and round tables in the middle of the room for group work.  I also want to create some additional floor space for comfortable reading.  However, I am open to create a completely nontraditional environment.  I just need to ensure that I am able to provide comfortable whole-class and individual learning spaces. 

Here's what I have:
-large rectangular room with three wide windows on one long side and doors at each end of the other side 
-SMART Board with mounted arm & speakers
-teacher table with a laptop docking station and docucam
-laptop cart with 1:1 laptops during class with around15 students per period

I am looking for suggestions and/or inspirational photos.  Thank you!


Catalina said...

The classroom is very nice I think kids are going to enjoy learning there. (Hopefully people don't mess the classroom becasue that will be so unappriciative.)

Bellaaranda said...

Hey Ms. Priester I just wanted to say that I really like our new class Room Im looking forword to learning in that class and creating memories.....I Would really like to see a nice class room in the future and that whatever you choose to put in that class furniture wise Im sure it will look really cool.

TedraMc. said...

I like the classroom. You should get beanbag chairs and a water filter thingy in your classroom. You should get benches and place them in a reading area and, set it up like a park area.

Michael saulpaw said...

Hi Ms.Priester the new classroom are gonna be awesome I can't wait to move in to it .My idea is that we have couches in class.

Tashanna said...

I love the new classrom! It is so big. I think we should get beanbags, and we should design a free time area for when people are done with their work. I love the idea of having "Rolly Chairs." I think you should buy a plaque with your name on it and hang it on the outside of the door. We should also get cubby holes or hooks so that we can hang our backpacks up instead of having to put our backpacks on the floors. I can't wait until we move into the classroom. I'm so excited!!!

lizbeth said...

Knowing that I won't be able to be in your new classroom, but I am sure that whatever you do and however you design it will be great. You always have a way of just making your classroom a learning environment but at the same time homey. Hopefully your new class room will be extra homey since it is much bigger. Here is a link for you.